UCLA Bruins: Three reasons this is a make or break season for Josh Rosen

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Closing Thoughts

Josh Rosen has a lot to prove this season. There’s no question that it’s going to be a big pill to swallow, but it’s non-negotiable in order for the QB to try and make it out of UCLA and into the NFL.

All he needs to do is be himself, and the other things will come to him. When it comes to his attitude, that’s where an attempt to at least give himself a different perspective on his role in the game and with the UCLA Bruins could help him big time.

Don’t make things just about him, but rather show that he’s a team player who can get wins when it matters most. Having a strong win and loss record when it’s all said an done won’t be easy, but Rosen’s overall effort, efficiency, and elegance will matter more to NFL scouts.

We’ll get to see if he has what it takes to turn things around. For the sake of the UCLA Bruins, Jim Mora and company just want to see good production from their QB.

If he can make that transition from being the top kid to being able to play and thrive in a man’s game, then all will be well. But there’s always the chance that things could go horribly wrong, and from bad to far worse.

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And that’s the part we have to be ready for.