Lakers Schedule: Predicting every game for the 2017-18 season

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Week 21


Portland will continue being problem, with the issues that have been hitting the Lakers at this time only making this loss feel a lot worse. Everyone who was jumping on the bandwagon for the Lakers to keep up this kind of success are feeling a little sick in their stomach. The biggest problem that stands out from this game is the confusion and lack of communication on the floor. That needs fixing before anything else gets better.

20. 81. 38. Final. 95


A home game against the Magic is the perfect remedy for the Lakers to fix their losing skid before it gets any worse. Losing five games in a row the way that they did will push them to come out and dominate Orlando.

Final. 91. 73. 92. 20


Expect this trip to Denver to be the best game of regular season. The Lakers will be fighting for that kind of success that they’ve had earlier in the season, while the Nuggets could be fighting for a playoff spot  It’ll go to overtime, and the Lakers will crawl out of Denver alive — barely.

89. 20. 86. 156. Final


Beating the Cavaliers in Los Angeles will be one of the final punches the Lakers pull on their attempt to lure LeBron James. With Kyrie Irving traded to Boston, the idea that James could really leave the Cavs will start to heat up by now. Assuming the dysfunction doesn’t go anywhere, Cleveland won’t be in the right state of mind for a title and the Lakers handing things to them in Staples Center will prove it.