Lakers Schedule: Predicting every game for the 2017-18 season

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Week 6

24. Final. 88. 20. 87


Six straight wins will have the Lakers feeling good, but barely beating a not-so-great Bulls team in Staples Center is still kind of embarrassing. While still a win, it’ll leave the Lakers wondering why they couldn’t dominate Chicago like some of the other teams earlier in the season. Also, the Bulls are just one of two games at this week of the season for the Lakers, so that only adds to the frustration. This will test the chemistry of the team and how well it handles stress.

Final. 95. 84. 81. 20


Well, that was fun while it lasted. Los Angeles will come crashing back down to reality thanks to De’Aaron Fox and the Sacramento Kings. A top five pick himself, Fox is the kind of point guard that will give Lonzo Ball trouble throughout his entire career. Even in college, Fox showed he could handle the pressure that Ball, at least at the time, wasn’t ready for. It’ll be an ugly game, but it’ll also give the Lakers all the more reason and motivation to play harder and more physical next time around.