Aaron Donald contract doesn’t seem to be coming along for the LA Rams

(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /

After it seemed like the Aaron Donald contract dispute would end soon, we still have not seen a resolution.

The Los Angeles Rams have a lot they need to look forward to and figure out in this upcoming season. Dealing with talks of a new Aaron Donald contract are not where they’d want them to be, and things only seem to be getting worse.

Instead of making at least some small progress, NBC Sports reports that the two sides are not even close to deal.

Per the report:

"Per a league source, the Rams and Donald are negotiating but are “not close” on a deal.While the Rams have been mum about the reasons for Donald’s absence, the reality is that Donald has decided to take a stand against the current rookie compensation system. And good for him for doing it."

Donald is considered one of the best defensive and overall stars in the league right now, and that’s partially why the dispute is still at the point that it is. The issue at heart, like NBC writes, is the compensation system that doesn’t give rookies as much money as their potential should allow for.

The report goes on to explain the importance of leverage in this situation. Given the developments in talks with both camps, it seems as though this will play out into the regular season if it has to.

Seeing the Rams let one of their best players get to this point is hard to watch, but he’s trying to do what’s best for him financially at this point in his career. Considering what he’s done for the team and demonstrated on the field, there’s nothing wrong with that.

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What seems like it’ll decide which side budges is whether or not Donald takes his stand into the regular season and willingly misses games to make a point. However, if we do reach that point in the contract standoff, there’s no telling when it would end.