Chargers vs Broncos: Three reasons LA will lose in Denver

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Anthony Lynn’s inexperience as a head coach will show up late in the game

Los Angeles has the talent to make this an interesting game, especially through three quarters. Given the kind of rivalry that these two franchises have, it wouldn’t be shocking at all to see this game decided in the last few minutes.

The Chargers will have a rookie head coach on the sideline in Anthony Lynn. It’ll be a road game that is highly competitive, and the chance for one tiny mistake to cost you the game is through the roof.

Expect the Chargers to find themselves in a go for it or punt situation while trailing, and instead of being gutsy, Lynn calls for the Chargers to give it back to Denver. While it’s usually not a bad idea to trust your defense — especially as the head coach — Denver could be doing bad enough at that point for the Chargers to believe they can get a stop.

In turn, Los Angeles could see their chance of winning a tight game slip through their fingers, with nobody else to blame but themselves.

What’ll be interesting to see, though, is how the Broncos handle a similar situation. Vance Joseph is their new head coach, and the Monday night game will be telling as to which rookie head coach has it all together.

It’s a battle that Lynn could come out on top in, but it could also be what costs his team their first victory.