Dodgers will lose in NLDS for these three reasons

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(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
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For the Dodgers, there’s room to be worried about losing in the NLDS now.

Thanks to their current skid, losing ten of their last eleven games and counting, the Los Angeles Dodgers have quickly gone from best in the business to a circus show. Losing has not been the focal point at any particular juncture this season until now.

The scariest part is that the only win for them in this stretch came in 1-0 fashion versus the Padres during a start by Clayton Kershaw in his first action in weeks after returning from rehabbing an injury. That’s not good news.

However, it’s not just their losing streak that could derail their season — their tons of winning could actually be what kills them in the post-season. Seeing it as it is, the reality of the situation the Dodgers are in isn’t one that fans of the team will like to hear.

In fact, it should be shocking to those around the baseball world that not that long ago, this team was talked about as the best ever on a recent issue of Sports Illustrated.

Now? They might be the best team to get sent home early.

Clayton Kershaw can be on his A-game every night, but that still won’t get them through a series, let alone the rest of the playoffs. Falling short would be an incredible disappointment, but that’s what in the cards for them right now unless something drastic changes.

Here’s three reasons why the Dodgers will be left empty-handed and be losers in the 2017 NLDS.