LA Rams: Week one match up preview at the Coliseum

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Special Teams

The Rams Special teams has surprised us the last few years. Consistency for the Rams has not been a priority or a thing for them. However, the only place they have been consistent in the last few years has been special teams. They come at you out of nowhere. You do not expect from them that they pull off.

The reason for this is because you think they will play it safe to get the ball back and have a chance to tie or win the game. Well no when they are down or wanting to win they go all out. For example in 2015 when they played the Seattle Seahawks they executed an excellent fake punt.

Last year their special teams did okay then toward the end of the season they dwindled because the coordinator became the interim head coach. They have all the players with the athleticism and talent to execute bizarre schemes. They will have to wait to explore it in a regular season game.

Now in 2017 their special teams is a question mark. We all know what they are capable of, yet they didnt show us anything during the preseason. This would be because they didn’t want to give anything away. In order to execute special teams plays you want to be quiet about it. Then BAM, out of nowhere execute one. This throws their opponents off guard.

John Fassel will able to focus on his players and teaching them his schemes and trick plays. This will help the Rams have some X-factor plays in their games. The next question is who do they want in during those specific plays? When the time comes to call them they will know who.

Therefore Fassell should teach just about the whole team all the trick plays and schemes on special teams. Hence, why the Rams are a question mark at special teams because they don’t know who will be doing what. Also, the people doing something don’t know what they will be doing.