Lakers Rumors: Three ways LA can land Russell Westbrook next summer

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Sell him on the chemistry and atmosphere

One of the biggest things that Russell Westbrook may be looking for outside of OKC is a place to play where he knows that the chemistry and team atmosphere isn’t going to be as chaotic. There are some concerns when you throw LA in the conversation, but that mainly comes from the unknowns regarding LaVar Ball.

Ball’s son, Lonzo, is the new face of the Lakers it seems, after being picked second overall in the 2017 draft. However, if the Lakers find that the Ball family is too much of a distraction for him to be the face of the Lakers, don’t think they wouldn’t think twice about going out of their way to get Westbrook.

Also, now that D’Angelo Russell is no longer on the Lakers, that too serves as a selling point when they talk to him in the summer. Not having players that will go behind each other’s backs is going to be something Westbrook finds important, even if he’s not vocal about it.

Thinking back to the decision by Kevin Durant to leave OKC for Golden State, it seems as though Westbrook was more disappointed in how Durant handled things rather than his actual decision.

This upcoming season can be the proving grounds for Los Angeles to show they can either function with guys like Lonzo Ball on the floor or that Ball could come off the bench while Russell Westbrook leads the way in the starting lineup.

Either way you cut it, the Lakers are going to have to give Westbrook the green light to being the ultimate player on the team if he’s going to leave the Thunder.