LA Rams: Sean McVay looks to defeat mentor Jay Gruden

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Sean McVay looks to lead the LA Rams to victory against his mentor

The LA Rams play the Washington Redskins in week two of the NFL regular season. Washington didn’t look like the team they were last year. They did lose some key players on offense, their top two receivers in Desean Jackson and Pierre Garcon. However, their defense seems decent. If it weren’t for a questionable call by the refs Washington would have had a chance to tie and or win the game.

Nonetheless they still lost and didn’t look all complete. LA on the other hand looked liked a completely different team but for the opposite reason. Their defense was fine and held their own without Aaron Donald. When Donald does play in a full game for the Rams this defense may be unstoppable. They will have a chance to be the number one defense in all of the NFL.

The Rams defense scored points, which means they forced turnovers. Additionally, the offense showed up and got the job done. They were going against decent Colts defense. Goff distributed  the Ball around to different receivers all who caught the ball and some who scored.

This week the LA Rams have a different team and task ahead of them. The defense for LA must not sleep. Yes the Washington offense wasn’t clicking but once Cousins receivers catch the ball it could turn into a disaster for the Rams. They need to be patient. Additionally, with patience they must build on their momentum.

Then for the offense they need to limit their turnovers as this defense is full of athletes and talent as well. Goff will have to especially be wise about when throwing in the area of Josh Norman. Nonetheless whatever the gameplan is that McVay brings to the Rams they must follow it all the way through if they expect to win.

This game won’t be an easy one to win but I think the Rams are capable of a victory as long as they stick to the gameplan. Also, the defense needs to force turnovers, while the offense sticks the run game. By sticking to the run game it will bring about the short passing game. Then every now and then, they will be able to throw the ball deep unexpectedly.

Also, special teams may be the X-factor that decides the winner of this game for both teams. The Los Angeles Rams are creative when it comes to trick plays. Expect LA to run trick plays.

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McVay was the mentee of Jay Gruen, now he is looking to defeat his mentor. This is the classic story of the student looking to defeat the teacher.