Lakers News: Andrew Bogut signs one year deal with LA

(Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)
(Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images) /

In the most recent Lakers news, a championship center has signed with the team.

This is the most eye catching Lakers news as everything else has been about he team bonding or developing their skills.

The center who joined them has reunited with a former coach of his in Luke Walton. According to Lakers nation, Andrew Bogut has signed with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Andrew Bogut has signed a one year deal with the team. He joins a team full of centers on their roster.

During the off-season LA traded for Brooke Lopez from the Nets, bringing in a starting center. They then drafted Thomas Bryant out of Indiana, and they also have Zubac on the team. You ask then how will this work?

Well to answer, Luke Walton will figure it out. Bogut would come off the bench sharing minutes with Zubac unless Zubac beats him out.

Let me remind you that Andrew Bogut won an NBA Finals with the Golden State Warrirors, along with Luke Walton. If Zubac does earn the reserve role, Bogut is a good mentor not just for all the centers, but the young players, and the entire team.

He is a good mentor since he knows what it is like to win a championship from a player’s perspective recently. Bogut won a championship with the Warriors in 2015; he played 67 games averaging around 24 minutes, six points, and eight rebounds. For the Warriors he was there interior presence. Once he left they lost their dominant presence.

You ask how did he end up on the Lakers? Well its simple and complicated. Andrew Bogut was traded to the Dallas Mavericks. He even had a short stint with Philadelphia 76ers before signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

In his first game as a Cavalier he injured himself. Therefore if the Lakers have any concerns with Andrew Bogut it would be his health.

However, Bogut brings plenty of upside with his veteran and championship experience. The duo of Lopez starting and Bogut coming off the bench compliment each other. Lopez is excels offensively while, Bogut excels defensively. As mentioned earlier they both will be bale to mentor Zubac and Bryant.

Los Angeles signing Bogut was a wise idea as it strengthens their already strong interior presence. The Lakers will be able to constantly crash the glass with their front court. This will allow them to earn second chance points and compete in their games this season.

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Lastly, their front court are wise decision makers when it comes to their ability to pass the ball. This will assist the Lakers in winning more games and help space the floor out, creating more plays on offense.