Lakers have three different ways to set starting lineup

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SALT LAKE CITY, UT – OCTOBER 28: Julius Randle (Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr/Getty Images) /

The lineup where they make Julius Randle earn his spot

Starting lineup:

Lonzo Ball – PG
Jordan Clarkson – SG
Brandon Ingram – SF
Kyle Kuzma – PF
Brook Lopez – C

The Jordan Clarkson question that was addressed in the previous slide isn’t up for discussion if they go with this lineup. Putting Kyle Kuzma in the starting lineup ahead of Julius Randle is how the Lakers can successfully make a bold statement that fits with the Lonzo Ball era.

Beginning with their chemistry thus far, it’s clear that something special is ahead for Los Angeles thanks to the two rookie sensations. Kuzma comes from a very different situation from the University of Utah, whereas Ball has entered the league after a stellar UCLA season and a lot of talk from his father.

That chemistry connection has already been showing in training camp scrimmages, where Lonzo Ball’s team remains undefeated as of this writing.

Serena Winters provided the lineup that Lonzo Ball was able to carry.

This is a great example of how Lonzo Ball can carry a team regardless of who the center is. No disrespect to Thomas Bryant, but he’s the team’s fourth option at center unless things take a serious turn.

Ball has gone on to impress even further, as he went 3-0 again on another day of scrimmages ahead of their weekend pre-season opener versus Minnesota.

Julius Randle’s physique is going to play a major role in how he produces down the stretch for this Lakers team. Ultimately, it may come down to having to choose between Randle’s improved range and the chemistry flow mentioned earlier between Kuzma and Ball.

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This would still give Randle some good minutes off the bench, and he’d probably be exposed to both Ball and Tyler Ennis depending on the situation and who’s running the point. That could actually be the best move for him regardless of how improved you feel he’ll be.