NLDS 2017: Three reasons Dodgers-Diamondbacks will be insane

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The upset of the Dodgers wouldn’t be all that surprising

Despite 104 wins this season, until the Dodgers actually do what they are more than capable of doing and reach the World Series, there will always be questions. Room for doubt, mixed with the remembrance of feeling broken-hearted comes at this time of year without fail for all fans of the boys in blue.

Should they beat the Diamondbacks, an NLCS date with Chicago or Washington won’t feel like nearly as much of a struggle. This team has performed better than any of the playoff teams that made it over the last few years — so if there was no excuses for their poor play before, there definitely isn’t room for that now.

If the Dodgers weren’t serious about World Series or bust, there’s no way that they would have gone out of their way to acquire Yu Darvish at the trade deadline. Having excellent pitching only goes so far, especially if none of the bats are connecting when its their turn on offense.

The Dodgers have the biggest run differential in the National League out of the teams remaining, with a +190 to show for it. However, they’ve scored the fewest runs out of any of the remaining NL teams, and that says a lot to the point that they’re dependent on dominant pitching to keep their opponents at bay.

If we’re honest about the situation, the skepticism that comes with not being so sure that the Dodgers can pull this off comes based on their history. None of the hype that’s been feed about their previous playoff teams has done them any good, so the question of why this year is different doesn’t offer any answers.

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There’s no team that would send more of a statement in being beaten than the Arizona Diamondbacks, though. And it would tell the teams remaining after that point that the Dodgers aren’t messing around and they’re getting in the way at their own risk.