NLDS: Dodgers can’t rest easy despite winning Game 1

(Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)
(Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images) /

The NLDS series between LA and Arizona started off in favor of the Dodgers.

Looking at how Los Angeles has performed in the last few postseasons, it was hard to believe that they might be able to come out so dominant despite the incredible regular season run. Clayton Kershaw began the game with a walk, which I am sure didn’t sit well with the nerves of Dodgers fans everywhere.

Instead of a collapse or falling behind by some insurmountable lead, the Dodgers took control with a four-run bottom of the first inning.

Led by a three-run bomb off the bat of Justin Turner, the Dodgers used the big jump start to hold the Diamondbacks down. Arizona wouldn’t die without a fight though, but it thankfully wasn’t enough to come back and steal Game 1 from the Dodgers.

The problem that the Dodgers have to try and work around in the future is letting up four home runs. It was not like the Clayton Kershaw that we’re used to seeing, and thank God that LA already had a big enough lead to where the home runs didn’t matter.

But in a close game or a scenario where the bats just aren’t clicking as much, allowing those four homers could easily cost the Dodgers a playoff game. They don’t have to go undefeated in the postseason, but it sure would calm a lot of everyone’s nerves.

Los Angeles plays the Diamondbacks right away in Los Angeles for Game 2 on Oct. 7 before heading to Arizona. As long as the Dodgers don’t leave with a series split, things will be much easier for them to control in the series.

You can’t go back down 0-2, but going back 1-1 means that the Diamondbacks wouldn’t have to win another game in Los Angeles to get to the NLCS. That’s just as much of a problem, and we shouldn’t let this team off of the hook just because of one game.

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Let’s see them earn it tonight before any sort of celebration.