Eric Bledsoe trade would do wonders for LA Clippers

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

An Eric Bledsoe trade would be such a blessing for the Los Angeles Clippers this early on in the regular season.

There are several ways that Eric Bledsoe could end up in Los Angeles with  a Clippers uniform, but realizing the golden opportunity that LA has in front of them doesn’t come with a couple question marks.

The obvious one is that they’ll have to formulate a good enough package for Phoenix to bite. As of some of the latest reporting from Bleacher Report, Los Angeles remains of the main teams interested in making a deal with the Suns.

After a miserable start, Phoenix not only lost in their first three games before firing now former head coach Earl Watson, but they lost the interest of their star point guard. Bledsoe made things pretty clear with a tweet showing that he wants out of the desert.

A major reason for the Clippers to be so invested in a deal for a guy like Bledsoe is that with older rookie Milos Teodosic out indefinitely according to a statement released by the team, it would help their cause a lot.

Particularly when it comes to the reality that it’s so early in the season that losing any ground in the Western Conference, even now, will come back to haunt them before they know it. The other plus is that it would be an opportunity for Bledsoe to go back to a place where he played the first three years of his career before ending up in Phoenix.

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It’s hard to say exactly what trade package might make Phoenix give in, but Los Angeles is going to have to get their hands dirty if they want a star point guard like Bledsoe. You’d have to imagine that Bledsoe wouldn’t make much of a fuss about winding up back with the Clippers, but at this point it’s clear that anywhere but Phoenix is alright with him.