Dodgers are out of excuses at this point in the World Series

(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images) /

71. Final. 13. 135. 12

What a ride it has been, but the reality remains that the Dodgers are one loss away from losing it all.

Falling short of a goal is never a good feeling, especially one you think you’re about to achieve after such a long wait. Fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers haven’t seen their team in a World Series for nearly 30 years — and the Houston Astros are now one game away from keeping them home empty-handed.

The problem for Houston is that despite the fact that they won an insane extra innings Game 5, both Game 6 and Game 7 will take place at Dodger Stadium. No matter how the Dodgers might be feeling, now is not the time to gloom over the past mistakes, even the ones made in just this series alone.

LA had leads of 4-0, 7-4, and 8-7 that all vanished into thin air as Houston hammered multiple home runs throughout the game.

Despite being down a game in this series, with their backs now against the wall, it’s up to the Los Angeles Dodgers to prove everyone who talks of a choked chance wrong. Win Game 6 at home against a Houston team that’s absolutely ready to steal your thunder, and then take the life out of them in a winner-take-all Game 7.

If the last two games of this series weren’t at Dodger Stadium, the situation might feel a lot different. LA has to know that this is it — either they win and force a Game 7 or the season will end one game short of when it should.

It’s unlikely that the display of firepower in Game 5 will get replicated to end the World Series, but there’s no doubt that the Dodgers took part in an all-time classic duel that will go down in history even if they don’t win the World Series.

But let’s hope they figure this out, they don’t have any more chances to blow. And they won’t have any luck asking for forgiveness if they blow it at home.