Lakers News: Five reasons starting Kyle Kuzma send the right message

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It gives LA the chance to try and successfully trade Julius Randle

Outside of D’Angelo Russell, who’s now in Brooklyn with the Nets, power forward Julius Randle has been one of the top Lakers that has had his name come up frequently in trade rumors and reported talks.

By starting Kyle Kuzma, and then from there Kuzma successfully filling that role and need for the team in this moment, Los Angeles can therein send Randle packing if they feel it is in their best interest. Perhaps a chance could come up for Los Angeles to go after a big man like Jahlil Okafor or, if Phoenix can’t find a suitor beforehand, a shot at landing Eric Bledsoe could present itself.

Randle is a valuable piece to the young core because he’s good enough to get a good trade return, but has enough problems that the Lakers could miss their window to get something good for them if they don’t act soon.

It has also become known that Julius Randle wasn’t happy with the fact that he wasn’t named as the starting power forward from the beginning of the season. Should Kuzma thrive in the ways that it seems he will, getting a solid return for Randle becomes that much easier, especially when talks of an extension didn’t go anywhere with him.

This, by far, is the point about Kuzma starting that could take things to another level. Getting rid of Randle and putting more into the playing time and overall investment in a guy like Kuzma would also show more of the direction that the new Lakers front office wants.