Dodgers Rumors: Does a trade for Giancarlo Stanton make sense for LA?

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Where does that leave Yasiel Puig?

The Dodgers have a gold-glove worthy right fielder in Yasiel Puig. They also have a vibrant and passionate baseball player in him, too. Puig’s defense in right is remarkable, and it is rare. Though he didn’t hit as many home runs as Stanton this season, there’s no reason to believe Puig won’t be clutch at the plate. The Dodgers could try transitioning Puig to center, but they already have Joc Pederson and Chris Taylor. Stanton or Puig could play in left, but together they combine for 7 career starts. Defensively, trading for Stanton doesn’t make much sense, but his bat in the lineup could be the deciding factor.

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Does Joc Pederson remain a Dodger?

Don’t trade Joc Pederson. Keep him in a Dodger’s uniform until, at least, free agency. Pederson didn’t have the best year in 2017, but we can’t ignore the three home runs he hit in the World Series, and the grand slam he hit on Opening Day. Those four home runs may not be enough to sign him in the long run but I do think they are enough not to trade him now. His defense in center field is stellar and he can still hit the ball out of the park. Joc Pederson could easily return to his rookie form come May. Mid-season 2018 might be a different story, but until then, Pederson should remain in LA.