Patrick Beverley injury comes at bad time for LA Clippers

PLAYA VISTA, CA - SEPTEMBER 25: (L-R) Milos Teodosic (Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images)
PLAYA VISTA, CA - SEPTEMBER 25: (L-R) Milos Teodosic (Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images) /

With the Patrick Beverley injury, the LA Clippers are now another guard down.

It has been hard enough for the Los Angeles Clippers to deal with the Milos Teodosic injury, and now they’ll have to figure things out without guard Patrick Beverley. The former Rockets player has made headlines from the season opener on after he put on a defensive clinic against Lonzo Ball in his rookie debut.

Since then, he has managed his best scoring average in a season so far, with 12.5 per game. This is up a factor of three from just a year ago.

Beverly’s injury is reportedly having to do with his knee, and he was sent back to Los Angeles by the team while the Clippers have two games left on a road trip before a game at home before they get back on the road.

The reason that this should be a concern for the Clippers beyond the fact that Beverley will miss time is the fact that he now becomes part of the room for concern when it comes to them choking.

Los Angeles has had a number of choke moments in the postseason over the last few years, and most recently they have been tied to a Blake Griffin injury. The last thing that the Clippers need is for him to go down as well, let alone dealing with the guard issues that they’ve been dealing with.

The good news and silver lining is that Beverley will not miss much time at all because of of the knee problems. Los Angeles will play Oklahoma City and New Orleans before hosting Philadelphia at Staples Center, in which Beverley is expected to make his return.

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Los Angeles is 5-5 on the season heading into the OKC game after starting the season 4-0. they have been just 1-5 in their last six games.