Lakers Rumors: The five best potential NBA Finals matchups

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Los Angeles vs. Boston

There isn’t a lot better, if anything better, in the world of basketball than an NBA Finals between Boston and Los Angeles. In this case, it would prove that Kyrie Irving can lead a team to the championship stage on his own while at the same time seeing how he would perform against the rookie in Lonzo Ball.

However, like Washington, this series wouldn’t be all about the point guard match up. Instead, Kyle Kuzma would be the deciding factor in this clash, and that has a lot to do with the Gordon Hayward injury.

It was a freak accident on opening night in Cleveland, but as a result the Celtics have had to depend on Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum. Kuzma has exploded onto the scene as the best Lakers rookie for right now, and it would definitely show in a showdown like this.

Boston lost their first two games of the season before storming back to win more than then in a row. Lining up wins for the Celtics is huge, especially because they could be caught off guard and fall behind in this series.

Kyrie Irving is a phenomenal player, but it’s on this stage where it’ll be most evident that Hayward is the key to Boston winning another title. While being younger, LA has more pieces that fit the full puzzle while the Celtics are a little bit everywhere.

Also, Boston is balling out right now but there is reason to think that this team could burn themselves out in the post-season. In order to get to the NBA FInals, they’ll likely have to defeat the Cleveland Cavaliers and two over opponents who stand in their way that won’t go down easily.

But so will LA.

This will bring back memories of the last time the Celtics and Lakers squared off in the Finals; a seven game fiasco in what would be Kobe Bryant’s final championship.

I see both teams being banged up by this point, with Kyle Kuzma remaining as the game-changer in this series.

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Series MVP: Kyle Kuzma

Result: Los Angeles in 5