Let’s hope the Lakers don’t have to choose between Walton, Ball

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In a potential worst case scenario, the Lakers may have to choose between their new point guard or their newest coach.

While some Lakers fans may not want to admit it, LaVar Ball could end up being the huge distraction we all wish he wasn’t in Los Angeles. He was able to get his wish for his eldest son Lonzo to lead the purple and gold, but that doesn’t mean he will agree with the coaching along the way.

He has already been outspoken about high school coaching surrounding his boys, including the decision to homeschool his youngest one, LaMelo, instead of letting him go through Chino Hills high school.

This is not an out there concern, though. Sporting News wrote towards the end of October as to what the Lakers should do in the situation of LaVar Ball getting confrontational with Luke Walton’s coaching decisions.

An anonymous head coach in the league gave this damning quote found in the piece from Sporting News:

"“The message has to be: ‘We get how much you care about your kid. We really do. But now this is serious business. You can no longer be a Little League dad. You need to just shut up.’ Say it nicely, but it has to be said."

Lone behold, USA TODAY came out with a piece in the last week reporting on the fact that LaVar Ball is in fact upset with Lonzo Ball’s playing time. This comes as the rookie from UCLA has had an inconsistent start to his career, to say the least.

The flashes of what he can do are absolutely there, but the concern for how his father chooses to behave probably will not go away as long as he plays in the NBA and for the Lakers.

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If things get any worse between Ball and Walton, let’s hope that Magic Johnson and others in Lakers management can make the right call about what to do.