Three reasons the LA Chargers can get to the Super Bowl

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(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
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Don’t look now, but the LA Chargers aren’t far off from making a case for Super Bowl LII this season.

Yeah, it’s been a wild ride, but that’s what the LA Chargers are all about. If it’s one thing that’s stayed ridiculously consistent since they left San Diego, it’s definitely the fact that they love to lose winnable games.

It’s in large part why they started their season to the tune of 0-4, but the ability to come through clutch has helped them resurrect to 5-6 and, for what it’s worth, within one game of leading the AFC West.

That says a lot, considering that the team ahead in their division right now is the Kansas City Chiefs. Somehow, the Chiefs went from unbeatable and 5-0 to having lost five of their last six and now in desperation mode.

This is a scenario that even the most die-hard Chargers fan probably wouldn’t have predicted, as it would’ve been much more likely for Los Angeles to just weave their way into the wild card race. But no, we’re here talking about the serious chance that they wind up division champs in what would make one of the wildest stories in sports we’ve seen in quite some time.

So enough about the division for a second — the reality is that the Chargers have the chance to do something that we’ve yet to see in the NFL. Start your season on a four game losing streak, come back to win your division in miraculous fashion, and march on to a Super Bowl berth.

Here’s the three reasons to believe the Chargers can take the fight for LA all the way.