Three reasons the LA Chargers can get to the Super Bowl

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If they can get the division, they can beat anyone in round one

The only team that might be a formidable opponent at this point if the Chargers secure the fourth seed in the AFC is the Jacksonville Jaguars, and that’s mainly because they have an incredible defense to work with themselves. Tennessee hasn’t shown it can be clutch, and outside of that the realistic possible opponents include Buffalo, Cincinnati, or Baltimore.

You could include Kansas City on that list, but let’s assume they’re not in the conversation by that point. For all intents and purposes, the Chargers can withstand any of the teams on that list, with the best opponent being the Jags.

From there, the most likely opponent would be the first place New England Patriots, assuming that seeds one and two don’t move between Pittsburgh and New England. Los Angeles has played against New England this season, losing 21-13 in a very winnable game.

However, like all heart-breaking losses, the Chargers took themselves out late in the game. New England would definitely present problems for Los Angeles if the game is played in Foxborough, where the Chargers lost in the regular season, but they can definitely bounce back from that and come through with a victory.

The biggest for them is maintaining a mental edge, which will be nearly impossible for them to do without securing the AFC West crown. But once that is in the bag, watch out because the Chargers will be done with all of their critics and out on a revenge tour.