Dodgers: Three new targets now that Giancarlo Stanton is off the table

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Well, the New York Yankees just created the scariest power-hitting combo in Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge. Now that Stanton is off to New York, what other options can the Los Angeles Dodgers explore?

Some things are just not meant to be, despite how perfect they are. For weeks, speculation around Giancarlo Stanton and the Los Angeles Dodgers has been snow piling. Los Angeles a perfect, hometown fit. They were atop Stanton’s list and they had some freed up cap space from Andre Ethier and Carl Crawford.

The Dodgers are the big spenders. They are the massive market that can make an even bigger star out of Stanton. Stanton would slide in alongside Cody Bellinger to form the most dynamic power-hitting duo in the league. It was perfect.

Then entered the New York Yankees. It took just one day for the Yankees to go from being on Stanton’s approved trade list to acquiring the slugger. They gave up virtually nothing as well as getting the Marlins to pay $30 million of the contract.

Now, Stanton is heading to the other massive sports market; New York. He is forming a different power-hitting duo alongside Aaron Judge. In small Yankee Stadium, Stanton fittingly gets a shot at breaking Roger Maris’ 61 home run mark, setting the Yankees all-time record.

While there are positives to draw from not getting Stanton (such as the money) it is a bummer after all of the hype. The team still needs to make some sort of move, though; they are one piece away from that World Series victory.

Everyone in the league is getting better. If the Dodgers are not, well, they will fall behind. Thus, here are three other power-hitting outfielders the Dodgers could consider on the trade market.