Dodgers: Three new targets now that Giancarlo Stanton is off the table

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1. Marcell Ozuna

Perhaps there can be some good that comes out of the Giancarlo Stanton speculation. Perhaps this was a rouse put on by Andrew Friedman’s front office. Maybe, just maybe, the Dodgers were entertaining the idea of Stanton without showing too much interest to force the team’s hand in taking a lesser package.

That is what happened, at least as far as the trade is concerned. With no great piece in the deal aside from a solid Starlin Castro, the Marlins very well could be entering rebuild mode. They already traded Dee Gordon, now Giancarlo Stanton. Marcell Ozuna could be next.

Ozuna makes perfect sense for the Los Angeles Dodgers and is exactly the right-handed hitting, middle of the order, bat that the team needs. Last season Ozuna hit .316 with 37 home runs and 124 RBIs. Hitting behind Giancarlo Stanton certainly helped pad those numbers and Ozuna would have the same luxury in LA.

Even better, Ozuna comes without the luxury tax burden and salary cap occupancy that comes with Stanton. Ozuna is under team control for two more seasons and was paid just $3.5 million last year. Ozuna will likely get around five million this season, which is a huge win for the Dodgers.

While the team may have to give up at least one elite prospect to get Ozuna it would be worth it. Trading a young, established outfielder such as Joc Pederson, alongside someone like Yusniel Diaz, is a win for both sides.