Lakers Trade Rumors: How they can land Paul George now instead of later

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The latest Lakers trade rumors explain how Paul George can wind up in Los Angeles in a win-win deal.

Alright, so we’ve finally seemed to reach that point where the Oklahoma City Thunder aren’t going to make much work out of a Paul George, Russell Westbrook, and Carmelo Anthony trio. They are below .500 and we are nearing the 30 game mark of the season.

You would think that two guys who have made multiple All-Star games and have been x-factors elsewhere would fit in well with the reigning league MVP, but it just isn’t working out. Westbrook isn’t the same, and George and Anthony aren’t making this team any better.

As this ESPN report indicates, the clock is ticking on what was supposed to be the next big thing in the Western Conference. This could mean that the Thunder will be looking to make a deal while the value of the individual players that are a part of this mess are still decent.

And that means the Lakers could come knocking for a guy that they’ve been rumored to have their eyes on since he was still in Indiana last season — Paul George.

Los Angeles has the young pool of talent and combination of veterans that could be attractive to the Thunder. Oklahoma City would likely give up Paul George for the right price, but the specifics come down to whatever the Lakers are able to best negotiate in this moment.

We know how bad free agency has been to them over the past few years, anyway. So with that in mind, here’s a break down of the trade package that Los Angeles should offer Oklahoma City for Paul George.