Lakers: The super team that LeBron James and Lonzo Ball can create

(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /
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CLEVELAND, OH – DECEMBER 14: Lonzo Ball (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) – Lakers
CLEVELAND, OH – DECEMBER 14: Lonzo Ball (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) – Lakers /

The LeBron James-Los Angeles Lakers dream scenario was reignited Thursday after James shared a cryptic conversation with Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball.

There are very few athletes that are as polarizing and revolutionary as LeBron James is. James is in that upper tier of superstardom with the likes of Tom Brady. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. You put LeBron on any basketball team and they become title contenders. Not many athletes can say that; James can.

James is also one of the most calculated athletes the game has ever seen. Every move he makes is to heighten his legacy, to get him past that overarching shadow of Michael Jordan. There is nobody like James, and no city fits the superstar better than Los Angeles.

Talks of LeBron heading to the Lakers first peaked during the summer. Cryptic tweets and LeBron attending the Lakers’ Summer League Game, not the Cavs, sparked speculation. He may have had beef with Lonzo Ball’s father, but James was interested in the rookie himself.

After the Lakers loss to the Cavaliers, the two exchanged words. LeBron, in typical LeBron fashion, covered his mouth with his jersey; leading to many mixed reactions. Now, the fantasies of LeBron coming to Tinseltown are intensified, they are real. If he were to come, he definitely would bring help with him.

The Lakers certainly have some work to do to make room for LeBron and his superstar friends, but it is certainly possible. Lonzo Ball and LeBron James have the ability to create a special super team (h/t Youtuber KrispyFlakes) in Los Angeles that would compete for multiple NBA Championships.