LA Clippers are putting false hope into the return of Blake Griffin

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The LA Clippers need to stop thinking Blake Griffin will save them — it is getting ridiculous.

After suffering yet another injury at a crucial time for his time, LA Clippers power forward Blake Griffin is looking to return soon after a short rehab stint with the G-League affiliate in Ontario. It’s not the first time that Griffin has been absent when the team has needed him most due to injury, but if we’re honest, it should be the last.

Also, to think that there was a more stubborn front office when it comes to doing things a certain way and not wanting to change, I didn’t think it’d be easy to find a front office that could top the Lakers. Turns out you don’t even have to leave Los Angeles to figure that one out.

Blake Griffin might be the best scorer on the team, but he’s not a leader. The Clippers don’t need one person scoring the majority of their points and then calling it good.

They still refuse to change head coaches despite the track record showing that he can’t get it done, and they won’t trade a presumably unhappy DeAndre Jordan who got suckered into staying with a team without direction.

Los Angeles needs to get it out of their head that Blake Griffin is the answer to the problems at hand that they are currently trying to figure out. They’re only second to the Warriors in their division because the three teams below them all have young talent that is budding.

Not because they have an old core that never lived up to their potential but is still there because of poor management. If they don’t do something to seriously change the culture of the team, there is absolutely no reason to think that Griffin coming back is going to last long or have any meaningful impact.

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It’s just not believable anymore.