Lakers would benefit the most from LeBron James to the Warriors

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Believe it or not, the Lakers would actually benefit from LeBron James choosing the Golden State Warriors in free agency.

Confusion. Anger. Agony. Bewilderment.

Those are the four emotions that you’re either having hit you individually or storm at you at once after reading the report from ESPN saying that James would entertain a max offer from Golden State if the Warriors can figure out how to get the money to make an official opportunity available.

Of course, the knee-jerk reaction is that this decision would be terrible for the competitive nature of the league, and it would also beg the question as to what the real standard is for the league getting involved in any swapping between teams or monstrous free agency decisions.

Obviously, that’s a bit of a stretch considering the fact that LeBron James is entitled to his own agency as was Kevin Durant when he chose to leave Oklahoma City — and we have to respect that.

To think that it’d be a terrible thing for competition is also an outlandish  thought. Even when Durant joined Golden State that was the stigma, but there’s plenty of room to figure out a plan to beat the Warriors.

All it would take is the rest of the league making the right adjustments to get the job done. What this directly impacts the most is the shaping of the Western Conference, but more specifically the Pacific Division.

And it will have no greater impact on an individual team than the Los Angeles Lakers. But here’s the catch — it won’t affect them in a bad way, it’ll actually benefit them tremendously.

With that being said here are the three reasons that the Los Angeles Lakers are actually the biggest winners from a LeBron James to Warriors free agency scenario this summer.