NCAA scandal starts to really make JBA sound like a good idea

(Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)
(Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images) /

Thanks to the latest NCAA scandal pertaining to big names in college basketball getting paid under the table, is the JBA the only thing that can save the gap between high school and the professional level?

Who would have thought that we’d be thinking one of the things LaVar Ball wants right now is a good thing that benefits more than just him or his kids, brand, or ego? Go figure.

Well, that’s exactly where we are after college basketball finds itself in a predicament following a financial scandal in which student-athletes were paid when they are not supposed to be receiving any additional compensation for their time or roster spot aside from the scholarship from the university.

Enter LaVar Ball and his idea to bring in a junior basketball association for the top players in the country that opt not to go to college. Ball offered a paid system for their services, with the players that perform better making the most money.

The logo is a silhouette of Lakers star point guard Lonzo Ball, who is the first of what LaVar hopes will be three Ball brothers in the NBA and playing in purple and gold.

For LaVar, this situation is exactly the opportunity he needs to make people realize that having something like the JBA isn’t such a bad idea. It might be new and easy to scrutinize in large part because of that, but does anyone else really have a true alternative?

If the overwhelming issue stemming from the results of the FBI probe into college hoops is student-athletes getting paid — then how about a system that allows these kids to make money legally without all of the drama and distractions for some of them who are already past their collegiate days and on to bigger things in the NBA (Kyle Kuzma, Dennis Smith Jr., etc.).

Let LaVar Ball run the show — that’s really what he wants at the end of the day — and if it fails, let him figure out where to go from there. But compare that alternative idea to joining a major program and from now on having people watch your relationship with the program or any potential agents or representatives like a hawk and it’s an easy decision for any top prospect coming out of high school.

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It just makes sense.