Lakers Roundtable: Is it worth trading Brandon Ingram for Kawhi Leonard?

(Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images)
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ATLANTA, GA – FEBRUARY 26: Brandon Ingram (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) – Lakers
ATLANTA, GA – FEBRUARY 26: Brandon Ingram (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) – Lakers /

In the newest installment in our Lakers roundtable series, we here at LA Sports Hub discuss the idea of trading Brandon Ingram for Kawhi Leonard.

It’s been a uniquely turbulent year for the San Antonio Spurs. The franchise that is usually the model of stability in the league has run into trouble concerning their franchise player, Kawhi Leonard.

Leonard, the 26-year-old who finished in second in MVP voting just two years ago, has found himself battling an injury that has caused him to miss the bulk of this season. This doesn’t sound like much of a controversy on the surface. Players get hurt all the time… right?

This would be just another example of a star missing time due to injury, if not for the troubling reports coming out of San Antonio that Leonard is growing frustrated with the organization. Some reports have even gone as far to say that the young forward wants out of Texas.

While these reports may be baseless nonsense done just to generate clicks, they also might not be.

Leonard has been cleared to return to the court by the team doctor for some time now but has still yet to do so. This has caused even further suspicion as things are starting to fall together that would make the idea of Leonard on another team next season seem less and less like a crazy non-story and more like a very real reality.

As the case with every other NBA star that is rumored to be making a franchise change, the Los Angeles Lakers have been linked to Kawhi as a possible landing spot.

This opens the question; if a scenario were to come to reality that includes the Lakers making a trade for Kawhi, what would the team be willing to give up?

The general consensus seems to be that they’d let go of anyone other than Brandon Ingram, but is that rational thinking? Today I am joined by fellow LA Sports Hub writers, Jamaal Artis and Jason Reed, to decide if the team should be willing to part ways with Brandon Ingram if it means obtaining Kawhi Leonard.

You’ll soon find out what we think, but how about you? If you were running the team, how would you view the possibility of trading Ingram?