Rob Gronkowski vs. Odell Beckham Jr; who is better for the LA Rams?

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - FEBRUARY 04: Rob Gronkowski (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
MINNEAPOLIS, MN - FEBRUARY 04: Rob Gronkowski (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /
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FOXBORO, MA – DECEMBER 31: Rob Gronkowski (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images) – LA Rams /

The case for Rob Gronkowski on the LA Rams:

Rob Gronkowski was not on anyone’s trade radar two weeks ago. Gronkowski has been one of the most dominant tight ends in NFL history and has been a key piece in Tom Brady’s passing game the last several seasons. Brady has gone through waves of very talented pieces in the passing game; Gronk has been the latest addition to that list.

However, the more Gronkowski waits to commit to his future in football the more Bill Belichick is becoming open to trading him. Of course, this is just speculation and just because he is open to the move does not mean that a move will happen.

However, if Belichick is unsure if Gronkowski is going to play past 2018, it is totally in his nature to ship him away for some talent in return.

The asking price for Gronkowski is not as clear as Beckham’s, however, I would assume that the Patriots would want at least one draft pick or established star.

The trade scenario I proposed in a recent article is the Rams sending tight end Gerald Everett and the team’s first-round pick in exchange for Gronkowski and the Patriots’ second-round pick. New England also have the 49ers’ second-round pick, so swapping their second-round pick for a first makes sense.

This trade package is not as bad as Beckham’s and would still allow the LA Rams to pick up a decent linebacker in the 2018 NFL Draft.