Lakers trade rumors: Kawhi, LeBron & Paul George — how it can be done

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Lakers Trade Rumors
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The latest Lakers trade rumors have been the most ambitious yet; landing Kawhi Leonard amongst other rumored incoming superstars.

The Los Angeles Lakers are not even in the 2018 NBA Playoffs yet they are one of the most talked about teams in the league. For over a year, this upcoming offseason has been targeted as many as the offseason in which the Lakers would make their move for one, or possibly two, superstars.

That has spawned several Lakers rumors over the last year, all connecting different stars to Los Angeles. Paul George and LeBron James have been the biggest stars tied to Los Angeles.

However, a new star has emerged as a potential candidate for the Los Angeles Lakers. Sean Deveney of Sporting News reports that sources close to Sporting News say that the Lakers will pursue Kawhi Leonard.

According to the article, an NBA executive said that the Lakers will, “go in hard for Leonard once the season is over and once the dust settles in San Antonio.” The executive also states that Leonard wants to go home to LA.

These Lakers trade rumors fit perfectly with the team’s offseason agenda. Not only should the Lakers want to bring in stars, they should want to bring in younger stars as well as freeing up contract space.

Kawhi Leonard is just 26 and if he commits to a max deal has at least five more years of prime basketball.

All of a sudden, the superstar trio of Kawhi Leonard, LeBron James and Paul George actually seems viable. If any team can pull that off it is the Los Angeles Lakers; and here is how it can get done.