Los Angeles Lakers: Kyle Kuzma and Paul George are in Las Vegas

(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /

Both Los Angeles Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma and potential superstar free agent Paul George are in Las Vegas, sparking plenty of conversation.

Paul George has been tied to his hometown Los Angeles Lakers for over a year before he was even a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

On Friday night, the speculation around George leaving Oklahoma City grew stronger. Both George and Los Angeles Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma are in Las Vegas at the same time; of course, sparking theories and speculation that the two sides may meet up.

Kuzma and George both took to their Instagram stories to share that they were in Vegas. Kuzma used a location filter while George was flying in a private jet with the short, yet sweet, caption titled “Vegas”.

Neither side mentioned anything relating to each other. However, the intents of both men being in Vegas at the same time are unclear. While it may just be a coincidence, there has to be something that would bring both men out to Nevada.

Paul George is an expecting father and posted a picture of him setting up a crib in his Los Angeles home. Kyle Kuzma has been in the news recently as he said he is training twice a day. Randomly heading to Las Vegas, at the same time, would be an insane coincidence.

Since George is still technically under contract with the Oklahoma City Thunder, Kuzma meeting with him to discuss a future with the Lakers would be a violation of the league’s tampering policy.

President of basketball operations Magic Johnson has received two tampering fines in the past. George was involved in the first when he was still on the Pacers. This past history may put the Lakers under a bigger microscope.

Again, that is only if George and Kuzma actually are planning on meeting to discuss the Lakers. This merely could be a coincidence or could be a non-Lakers meet up (which is highly unlikely).

Were the two sides to meet up it would be hard for the league to prove and form of tampering. As long as the two keep it private, the NBA can’t really prove any meeting even occurred; unless there is some form of a leak from either party or the two are seen in public together. Even then, it would be hard for the NBA to prove that any discussions about the Lakers even happened.

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Regardless, this is a minimal, yet interesting added chapter to the Paul George saga. If the Los Angeles Lakers actually do land George, we will all look back at this Vegas trip as where discussions may have started.