Los Angeles Lakers: Three bold predictions for Kyle Kuzma next season

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2. Aside from LeBron James, Kyle Kuzma will have the biggest impact in winning games

Kyle Kuzma is likely not going to be in the starting lineup and probably won’t even be the Lakers’ second-leading scorer; that honor is most likely going to go to third-year small forward Brandon Ingram.

However, while Kuzma is not in the starting roster and is not going to be James’ number two option statistically, he is going to play a role that is only outmatched by James when it comes to winning basketball games.

The roll that Kuzma is in is pivotal and it is going to make or break the Lakers staying in close ball games. We see it all the time with teams such as the Golden State Warriors or Houston Rockets. The game will be close, then the better team will catch momentum in the third quarter and the entire emphasis of the game changes.

Kuzma certainly cannot stop that by himself but having such a good asset of the bench is definitely going to help the team when it comes down the stretch late in games.

Add another superstar next offseason and this Lakers team is undoubtedly NBA Title ready, especially with Kuzma acting as James Harden of the old Oklahoma City Thunder teams.

Kuzma may not be as good as Harden, however, the impact he is going to have on the Lakers is undeniable.