Los Angeles Lakers: Which Lakers are among LeBron’s best teammates?

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1. Kevin Love

This one was a bit tricky as LeBron is a forward and has played both power and small forward in his career. Thus, we just lumped together all forwards from his career.

Although Kevin Love did play center in LeBron’s last season in Cleveland, he played the majority of his games at power forward. And while Love was often the fall guy for all of the Cavaliers shortcomings, he is a great stretch four that was a huge part of the Cleveland Cavaliers winning it all.

2. Brandon Ingram

Yes, we are already in Lakers’ country with this one as James has not played with too many great forwards for long enough in his career to really make this list. Yes, he has not played any time with Ingram but Ingram is set for big things next season.

With the way he is trending, Ingram should average at least 20 points per game next season and could even flirt with an all-star appearance. There is a reason why he is the highest touted rookie on the Los Angeles Lakers, after all.

3. Kyle Kuzma

Yes! Back-to-back members of the Los Angeles Lakers on this list. Unfortunately, it will be the last Laker you see as the center position is not great for the team next season.

Kyle Kuzma is likely going to be coming off the bench for the Lakers and will see time at both forward positions. Kuzma proved that he is one of the best young players in the league last season and should be good for around 18 points and six rebounds off the bench.