Los Angeles Chargers vs. Los Angeles Rams: Two key matchups

LOS ANGELES, CA - AUGUST 26: Philip Rivers (Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images) - Los Angeles Chargers - Fantasy Football
LOS ANGELES, CA - AUGUST 26: Philip Rivers (Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images) - Los Angeles Chargers - Fantasy Football /

The “Fight for LA” is seeing its first-ever regular season rendition. Two matchups will likely decide the fate of which LA team walks out victorious.

The Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers will face off this Sunday in the battle of Los Angeles.

The Rams are coming into the game 2-0 with wins over the Raiders and Cardinals. The Chargers go into the game 1-1 with a loss to the Chiefs and a win against the Bills. This game will be the first test for the Rams this season.

Here are two matchups that will dictate how this game plays out.

Los Angeles Chargers Receivers vs. Los Angeles Rams Cornerbacks

Philip Rivers and receivers, Tyrell Williams, Keenan Allen and Mike Williams pose a significant challenge to the Rams Corners, Aqib Talib, Marcus Peters and slot corner Nickell Robey- Coleman.

It will be interesting to see how the Rams match up with these receivers. I think Talib will match up with Mike Williams because he is a more physical corner and Peters to match with Tyrell Williams because of he a speed corner.

The key matchup will be with Keenan Allen, who can line up everywhere but 67 percent of the time he is in the slot. Allen is the Chargers best receiver and Roby-Coleman will have his hands full when he lines up in the slot.

This matchup will be something you will want to keep your eye on; it very well could decide the game.

Los Angeles Chargers Offensive Line vs. Los Angeles Rams Defensive Line

The Chargers have the 30th ranked offensive line through two weeks according to Pro Football Focus. That does not bold well for them with Aaron Donald, Ndamukong Suh and Michael Brockers on the other side.

The key match will be Dan Freeney against Aaron Donald. I think Donald will dominate this matchup he is too quick and skilled for Freeny.  Mike Pouncey and Michael Schofield III will probably double team Suh to try and neutralize him. Michael Brockers will go against back up right tackler Sam Tevi; he has struggled given up to quarterback pressures in two weeks.

Brockers could be in for a big day. The Chargers will have to establish the run with Melvin Gordon to have success in this game. The Chargers do not want to be one dimensional with the passing attack, because the offensive line is not that good, could lead to a lot of sacks.

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These two factors will be huge in the outcome of this game. If the Chargers offensive line can hold up a bit Rivers will be able to try to make plays down the field. If not Rivers will be on his back for most of the game. Not good for the Chargers.