Los Angeles Dodgers: Five teams that could snag Clayton Kershaw

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(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) – Los Angeles Dodgers Clayton Kershaw

Clayton Kershaw’s winter is going to be one of the most interesting storylines of the Winter, especially if he parts ways with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Clayton Kershaw epitomizes what is means to be on the Los Angeles Dodgers and has been the backbone of the entire franchise for 11 seasons. For the first time in those 11 seasons, there is a realistic chance that Kershaw could no longer be donning the Dodger Blue.

Kershaw has a player option in his contract following the 2018 season that could make him a free agent if he so pleases. There is no doubt that Kershaw will utilize this option as this is his last chance for a big payday and could get five to seven years instead of two.

That does not mean that he will leave the Dodgers as he could opt out simply to rework a deal with the team to stay in LA. However, the biggest variable in this situation is what Kershaw wants financially and what the Dodgers are willing to pay.

Kershaw is the best pitcher of this generation and despite being just 30 years old, has injury concerns which have a direct correlation to his dip in velocity. That, mixed with the postseason performances, may make the front office hesitant to commit to Kershaw for anything more than three or four seasons.

That won’t cut it for Kershaw, who will get offers regardless. While Kershaw does not strike me as someone that follows money signs, if there is a contender offering more money and a longer contract, and it makes sense, there is no reason why Kershaw should say no.

He has given his all to this fanbase for 11 years and to ask him not to take a pay raise is ludicrous. While we absolutely do not want to see him go, maybe a change of scenery is best for him. Here are five teams that could snag Kershaw from the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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