Los Angeles Lakers: Three things LA still needs to add to win the title

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(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images) – Los Angeles Lakers

With the acquisition of Anthony Davis, the Los Angeles Lakers are in a prime spot to win the NBA Championship, although they still need things to add.

The Los Angeles Lakers are up there with the most elite teams in the NBA as a true title contender. The league has now been split up into different duos and the Lakers so happen to have the best duo with both Anthony Davis and LeBron James.

Expectations are high for the Los Angeles Lakers. Not only do that have star power in LeBron and Davis, but the front office and fans are hoping that this year’s team can restore some of the prestige that is behind the Lakers name.

Some of that has been lost, at least with some of the modern, younger audience, because of the team’s current playoff drought.

The expectations are not just high because of LeBron and Davis, though. The team also managed to bring in an array of role players and fill out a roster that is deep enough to grow through the grind of an 82-game NBA season.

These are not just shmucks either, as the Lakers got some good pieces that could come up huge late in the season.

The front office has done a good job of adding depth and filling in areas when they are needed. However, the team still is not perfect and needs a few things in order to contend.

The Lakers could acquire these things externally or could even acquire them internally as well if certain players step up. Here are those three things that the Lakers must add to win the title.

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