Los Angeles Lakers: Three players that might not finish the season in LA

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Los Angeles Lakers

(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images) – Los Angeles Lakers

If we know anything about LeBron James-led teams, it is that trades are always possible, leaving the Los Angeles Lakers open for any potential shake-ups.

Spoiler alert: the roster that the Los Angeles Lakers are currently deploying is not going to be the roster that the team has at the end of the season. While the core will stay intact, the entire roster around it is all expendable, something that is true of every team that LeBron James plays for.

As a title-contending team, you have to leave yourself open to any potential moves later in the year that can improve your title-contending chances. That is why we see almost every single team that LeBron is on get shaken up before the trade deadline, all in the hopes that it will improve for the better.

The Lakers certainly are flexible in moving pieces around based on the players that they brought in during the offseason. While the roster currently looks great, there are naturally going to be some disappointments or some better doors that open down the road that either leads to a trade or a release.

The fun thing to do before the season is to try and pinpoint who exactly those players could be. And that is exactly what we did. Here are the three players on the Los Angeles Lakers that might not be on the team by year’s end.

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