Los Angeles Lakers: Most surprising things through seven games

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(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) – Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers are 6-1 through seven games this season and have surprised us in multiple ways during their winning streak.

The Los Angeles Lakers‘ season did not start how the team would have preferred but everything since Opening Night has been great for the Lakers.

The Lakers dropped the opening game of the season after a great third-quarter run to bring the game back in striking distance against the Los Angeles Clippers. Since then, the Lakers have won six games in a row and sit atop the Western Conference standings.

The closing final margin was six points against the Chicago Bulls in game seven, although the team did go to overtime in Dallas against the Mavericks.

While not all the games have been blowouts, the Lakers have looked like the better team in each of those games, which is extremely promising for a team that had questions about the role players and has endured so much failure over the last six years.

Just think, the Lakers are already 11 wins away from tying their 2015 mark of 17 wins.

To be fair, the Lakers have not had the hardest start to the season imaginable, but they have still gotten the job done nonetheless. And in getting the job done, the team has brought a few surprises to our attention.

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