Los Angeles Chargers: Staff predictions vs. Kansas City Chiefs

The Los Angeles Chargers are somehow still holding onto their playoff hopes by a string and have to defeat the Kansas City Chiefs to actually have a real chance.

The Los Angeles Chargers won two games in a row to get back into the crowded AFC playoff picture and after a definitive win over the Green Bay Packers, they got their fans to buy back into this being a good team.

Then the team went out and had one of the worst pass-blocking performances I have ever seen, which resulted in a poor game from Philip Rivers (which was also Rivers’ fault) and a two-point loss against the Oakland Raiders.

The Chargers made their path to the playoffs much more difficulty with this loss and if they even want the playoffs to be a discussion they are going to have to upset the Chiefs in Mexico City on Monday night. Here is how the LA Sports Hub staffs see the contest going down.

Jamaal Artis (9-4): 35-14, Kansas City Chiefs

The Los Angeles Chargers have a chance to get back into the playoff race if they can take down the rival Kansas City Chiefs.

Despite a mediocre season so far the Chargers are two games behind the Chiefs in the AFC West. This game being in Mexico City affords some help to the Chargers playing on a neutral field.

That’s the only optimism I can offer Chargers fans. Their defense will find it difficult to take down the Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes and another loss ends their season.

Hil Lopez (7-10): 33-27, Kansas City Chiefs

Philip Rivers and the Chargers are teetering on the edge of a lost season when they play the Chiefs in Mexico City this week.

At 4-6, they need a win in order to stay alive for the playoff race. It will be a tall task as the Chiefs look to rebound from a surprising 35-32 defeat handed to them by the Titans.

Patrick Mahomes will throw for 300+ yards yet again and the Chargers will put a good fight, but they simply do not have the firepower to keep up with the Chiefs.

Jason Reed (9-10): 30-28, Kansas City Chiefs

The Los Angeles Chargers need a get-right offensive game and the Chiefs are the perfect opponent to get that against with the shoddy defense. The only problem is that the Chiefs’ offense is arguably the most dangerous in the NFL.

Rivers and the offense will be able to score four touchdowns in this game but it will not be enough as the Chargers’ defense will not force many punts in this game. The Chiefs will score six times, three by a field goal and three by a touchdown, to edge the Chargers out by two.

This is the perfect Charger loss. A good offensive game that will probably be lost because of one defensive mistake.

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Don’t you worry, though! The offense will get the ball back with a minute thirty left in the game with a chance to win it, only to come up short, like they have done all season.