Los Angeles Dodgers: Predicting the three biggest moves this winter

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Los Angeles Dodgers

(Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images) – Los Angeles Dodgers

All signs are pointing to the Los Angeles Dodgers being active this winter with so many different routes that the team can take.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have gotten a bad reputation about not ever making any splashy moves as the agenda the previous offseasons has been to get under the luxury tax to maximize the competitive window.

This year is different as the Dodgers are well below the luxury tax threshold and have a combined $63 million coming off the books over the next two winters in Clayton Kershaw, Justin Turner and Kenley Jansen.

Because of that, many believe that the Dodgers are bound to make a big move, whether it be signing one of the superstar free agents in Gerrit Cole, Stephen Strasburgh and Anthony Rendon, or trading for Mookie Betts.

Some are pessimistic that the Dodgers will “yet again” be cheap, which is an unfair assessment considering the team signed A.J. Pollock last winter and even went for it in 2018 by trading for Manny Machado.

There are reports and speculation around each star free agent, all of which give us an idea of where they are going. However, like every hot stove window, there are bound to be some twists and turns.

Personally, I see the Dodgers making three somewhat significant moves this winter. This is not based on inside knowledge and instead is my personal prediction of what the Dodgers will do, starting with the least significant.

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