LA Lakers: 3 realistic trade targets

Lakers rumors (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Lakers rumors (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /
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LA Lakers
LA Lakers (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /

J.J. Redick, Derek Rose, and Robert Covington are all players the LA Lakers could realistically target in a trade.

The LA Lakers have been on a roll. Winning game after game, as they sit atop the Western Conference. Not to mention the team seem to have found their identity giving role players the chance to shine. As, the team seems to have meshed well, it seems like a trade actually might not happen at the deadline. But, if there were to be one, who could the Lakers actually land?

The Lakers have consistently made move during the trade deadline for the past few years. But, with the team being as good as they have been, do they need to make a trade? Probably not, but there is always room for improvement and getting better players happens to do just that. Improve the team.

I wont be going into detail about who the Lakers could trade for the players I think they can land. Instead I’m going to take a look at who could potentially, for the right trade, land on the Lakers after the trade deadline.

The Lakers have been great, but they still have room to improve. The team could use more consistent role players. As, I feel like the Lakers seem to have a little too much inconsistency when it comes down to players not named LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Here are 3 players the Lakers could realistically trade for, including Derrick Rose.