Los Angeles Lakers: Why Danny Green could be traded

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(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) – Los Angeles Lakers

The NBA Trade Deadline is looming and the Los Angeles Lakers could shock their fans and end up trading new signee, Danny Green.

The NBA Trade Deadline is at noon on Thursday, February 6, which means that the clock is ticking for the Los Angeles Lakers to make any improvements for a title run. While the Lakers are undoubtedly good enough to win the NBA Championship as is, the team would be foolish to not improve where applicable.

Plus, we see this almost every single season with LeBron James-led title-contending teams. The front office gets a better picture of what exactly the team needs by February and can tweak things. This year should be less severe than past years, but the Lakers could add a piece or two to sum up the roster.

There has been an assortment of different targets that the Los Angeles Lakers have reportedly considered and it is hard to really pinpoint one trade that we can expect. There are several different routes that the team can take.

One of the several different routes would be trading Danny Green, which would certainly shock most Laker fans.

There are no reports that the Lakers are shopping Green in any way, and there really has not even been much talk about it happening. However, there are several reasons why it makes sense for the Lakers to trade Green at the deadline, here is what they are.

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