Why the Los Angeles Lakers are the big losers of the Trade Deadline

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(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) – Los Angeles Lakers

The NBA Trade Deadline has come and gone and contrary to popular belief, the Los Angeles Lakers did not make any trades to improve the roster.

The Los Angeles Lakers were expected to make some kind of move during the NBA Trade Deadline, at least that is something that we tried to convey to our audience multiple times. With the Lakers being a non-perfect title-contender, it seemed inevitable that the front office would look to add one or two improvements.

It was not meant to be as the Lakers did absolutely nothing during the deadline, which is not completely their fault. There was not an abundance of assets available and even the ones that were rumored to go to LA had high asking prices.

Marcus Morris, who got traded to the Los Angeles Clippers (who we will get to later), would have taken Kyle Kuzma and likely Danny Green. While Morris is an improvement over Kuzma, he would only provide the team half a season and the Lakers would have missed out on another season of Green and Kuzma.

However, the Lakers seemingly having their backs against the wall when it comes to making a trade does not change the fact that they are the losers of the deadline.

It is not entirely the front office’s fault, but when surveying the entirety of the league, even the teams that also were inactive, the Lakers ‘lost’ the most. Here is why.

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