Los Angeles Rams: 3 Cleveland Browns worth trading for

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(Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) – Los Angeles Rams

The Los Angeles Rams have proven that they are not afraid to make trades and could find a deal with a number of teams, including the Cleveland Browns.

If there is one thing that we have learned about the Los Angeles Rams front office during the Sean McVay coaching era it is that they are not afraid to play risky and conduct trades that other teams might not be willing to do.

It all started at the 2016 NFL Draft, which was before McVay’s arrival when the Rams traded up to select Jared Goff with the first overall selection. Since then, the team has navigated various trades and one-year signings, leading to several big-name players playing in Los Angeles.

Heck, the team has not had a first-round pick in the NFL Draft since the 2016 draft and that tradition will continue moving forward as the team is without a first-round pick in 2020 and in 2021.

There are some gaps on the Los Angeles Rams’ roster that need to be addressed and without a first-round pick, we very well could see the Rams actively shopping late-round picks and future picks in order to get talent this offseason.

We all know how aggressive the team can be and as a result, we decided to look at players from every single team outside of the NFC West that would be worth trading for. Here are the players from the Cleveland Browns that could be intriguing.

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