Los Angeles Lakers: Why Kyle Kuzma should start

Kyle Kuzma has had his fair share of criticism from both analysts and fans this year. He had a lot to live up to. Before the season even began, he was labeled as the third star. The future of the Los Angeles Lakers. Both ginormous predictions for anyone to live up too.

Kyle Kuzma has had a less than a great year, however, he has in fact made his case to start for the Los Angeles Lakers. Kuzma seemingly improves when given the opportunity to start.

Kuzma is averaging  12.7 points and 4.3 rebounds per game. Not great numbers for the guy who was supposed to be the third star but not all of the blame can be thrown on Kuzma.

He started off the season slow due to a stress fracture in his foot. Then there, of course, came the idea of him coming off the bench; which took him, basically until now, to get the hold of. But still, he isn’t that effective in the role of a bench player or a sixth man.

He has grown, but not enough. Although his defense and rebounding has improved since the start of the season. This is much-needed for Kuzma, who is still finding himself in the scheme of it all.

But one thing stands out above the rest.

Kuzma is in fact a third star when given the chance to start games. He is averaging 20.3 points per game and 5.7 rebounds per game in games that he has started. This is an insane leap from his role as a bench player, so much so that It only makes sense to put him in the role he thrives in.

Starting alongside LeBron with Anthony Davis would also only make the game easier for him. He would be open behind the arc, cut with ease, and most importantly, produce the numbers the team needs from him.

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The Lakers should let Kuzma loose for a few games, you never know, he could very well begin to reach the potential everyone knows he has. If they are going to try it, it should be now, before the playoffs.