Los Angeles Lakers: How the coronavirus affects the team

The big news for the past few days has been about the suspension of the NBA, because of the growing concern of the spreading of the coronavirus. Of course, every team is affected with the delay of the season, but let’s think about the positive and negative aspects of the delay for the Los Angeles Lakers.

It is quite unfortunate for the Los Angeles Lakers that the season was postponed at this point in the season, seeing as they were recently putting it all together. The Lakers had two huge wins against the Bucks and the Clippers. The role-players were finding their footing and both LeBron James and Anthony Davis were starting to really hit their stride.

The team was starting to gel in all the right ways. So, with the season being pushed back to who knows when it was pretty bad timing as this will more than likely hurt the team chemistry. Especially since the players cannot practice altogether or gather as a full team.

But in light of the unfortunate situation. The players will be well-rested and healed up from any sorts of minor lingering injuries. Which, is a pretty big positive for the team. Ensuring that everyone will be able to contribute towards the end goal of winning the championship.

The suspension will also ultimately give more time for the players to study film and really take a deeper look at the competition. This could be a game-changer for the younger players, especially someone like Kyle Kuzma, who was starting to find his role in the team.

Which will also give the players to study their own film and work one on one with player development to help sharpen their skills and dull down their weaker areas of play.

But, this suspension of the season isn’t going to be easy for any team. When the season starts up again, everyone will basically be trying to find their rhythm again. Especially since the CDC’s new recommendation of having no events of gatherings exceeding 50 people for the next two months.

Hopefully, rather sooner than later, life will return back to normal and we’ll all get to go back to enjoy watching our Los Angeles Lakers.

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For more information about COVID-19, visit the CDC’s website or the website for your state’s Department of Health.