Lakers Rumors: League has discussed possibility of canceling the season

Lakers rumors (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
Lakers rumors (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

Recent Lakers rumors are that they are considering a possible end to the season.

As we head into April, recent Lakers rumors are not good for a potential return of the 2019-20 season.

Over the last three weeks, the coronavirus has spread quite rapidly over the country. With a lot of unknowns and uncertainties about the virus, it is hard to predict when the country will be back to normal.

With that being said, the return of sports and mass gatherings seems like it is a long way away. While we all hope that the country recovers and sports resume soon, it is just impossible to know when that will happen.

Recently, Brian Windhorst reported that the NBA has been discussing a potential end to the season. Here’s what he had to say.

"“The talks between the players union and the league this week, I’ve talked to both sides of this issue, and it is clear that the NBA is angling to set up a deal that enables them to shut the season down.“Now they don’t have to do that yet, and the way they’re negotiating they’re leaving themselves an option either way, but they’re not having talks about how to restart the league, they’re having financial talks about what would happen if the season shuts down, and I think there is a significant amount of pessimism right now.”"

While nothing is official, it seems like the NBA is doing its due diligence to prepare for the worst-case scenario. Since cities like New York City are in really bad shape compared to others around the country, it is hard to imagine that we would see basketball in Madison Square Garden any time soon.

There have been talks about the league potentially holding the playoffs and or finishing the season at a singular location, which might be a necessity with how things are as of now. For the Los Angeles teams, they certainly don’t want to see the season canceled.

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Both the Lakers and the Clippers have real chances to win a title this season, but that opportunity could be robbed from them if they cancel the season. Hopefully, the coronavirus situation gets better and the NBA can figure out a way to safely finish out the season.