Los Angeles Chargers: 3 Reasons to sign Cam Newton

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Los Angeles Chargers Tyrod Taylor
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– A better option than Taylor

As of now, the Chargers are heading into the 2020 season with Tyrod Taylor as their starting quarterback. With the Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns, Taylor was able to have a slightly above average winning record, but the Bills were never a threat to compete with him as a quarterback.

For the Chargers, they have been a fairly consistent franchise over the past decade. While they may have never won a Super Bowl with Philip Rivers, he usually had them above .500 and able to beat anyone. This is the luxury that a great quarterback can bring to the table. Generally speaking, the teams with the best quarterbacks are usually the ones that are consistently good and win Super Bowls.

While Taylor is a capable NFL quarterback, he isn’t the guy that should be leading the Chargers into this new era without Rivers. Taylor would be an excellent backup option for the Chargers, but they could pretty much cross out making the playoffs if he is starting the entire season.

The Chargers might be dead set on drafting a quarterback later in the month, which would be a reason to not sign Newton. However, if they choose not too, Newton would be a much better option than Taylor.